Solar rebate deadline looming (Qld)

April 19, 2011

UPDATED: 25 June 2012 – QLD Govt announces FiT to be slashed on 9 July.
More details and how to lock in the 44c tariff here.

With the federal government solar rebate about to be reduced in scale, Ingenero is educating Queenslanders that by ordering a solar power system before 30 April, they will still get a rebate of $6640 (for the popular 2 kW-sized system).

According to Ingenero, wait any longer and the rebate reduces by $1240.

“The government demands the system be installed before 30 June to secure the higher rebate. That’s a very tight timeframe, so Ingenero is removing the risk and uncertainty for buyers,” says Ingenero CEO Steve McRae.

“We guarantee that anyone ordering a solar power system before the end of April will receive the full benefit of the current rebate, even if their system isn’t installed before the deadline.”

Ingenero is a leading renewable energy company with strong commercial credentials, including the construction (underway) of Australia’s largest flat panel solar facility at the University of Queensland.

The company also completed a $2.3 million installation at Alice Springs Airport in October 2010.

Solar power system owners in Queensland can earn more than double the market rate for the energy they produce, making it easier to pay off the initial investment.

“With the money earned, a popular 2 kW system would usually pay itself off in five years, after which time the property owner can enjoy the profits!” said Mr McRae.

“Currently in Queensland, some energy companies are paying 52c for every unit of solar electricity exported into the grid.

“Ingenero has a skilled team of solar consultants who can help customers work out the best system for their situation – either by phone or through a home visit.”

  • Electricity prices rose by 13.29% in Queensland last year.
  • Customers stand to benefit from a federal government incentive of $6640 for the popular 2 kW-sized system.
  • In less than a decade since solar uptake records began, Queensland households increased their solar energy production by 3274%.
  • Ingenero will donate up to $150 to the Queensland flood appeal for every system sold.