Produce Electricity from Solar

To produce the maximum amount of electricity from your home’s solar power system you will need the maximum amount of sun on your roof’s panels. That’s why a north facing unshaded roof is ideal because it will receive as much sun as possible throughout the day.

Of course, if your roof isn’t totally north facing we can still utilise east and west facing roof surfaces. Our solar consultant will discuss when you use the most power in your home and will try to match your solar production with your energy consumption for the most efficient solution. For example, an east facing solar system will generate more power before lunch and a west facing system captures the afternoon sun.

You’ll also need about 10 square metres of roof area for a small 1.5kW system, which provides about a third of an average home’s energy needs. Similarly, a 3.5kW and 5kW system would require approximately 24m² and 34m² of roof space respectively.