The $2.7 million Fraser Coast Community Solar Farm was designed and constructed by Ingenero for Wide Bay Water Corportation (WBWC).

Construction15-440pxFully funded by the Queensland Government, the power generated by the farm
will help offset the energy consumed by WBWC. It is located just outside Hervey Bay on the corner of Hebblewhite and Booral roads and consists of:

  • 1,630 photovoltaic panels, mainly Suntech 250watt
  • Two central inverters from Power-One
  • It will generate 630megawatt hours of energy a year, enough to power 100 homes.

FCCSF-PageImage1The solar farm also includes a demonstration site consisting of five 1kilowatt systems of different technologies for residents to view and compare via Ingenero’s online performance monitoring software. Access to this monitoring will be available soon.