Choosing External Blinds in Brisbane

#1. Motorised or Automated Blinds

With exceptional ease of use, automated blinds offer the ultimate convenience for covering the outdoor and hard-to-reach spaces. There are numerous benefits to installing automated blinds. In households with your kids and/or seniors or where you homeowners do not want to deal with the fuss of tangled cords and manual pulleys, motorised blinds are a good option. You can control the blinds with just a click of a button.

While there are many brands on the market, Design Outdoor Blinds Brisbane offers class-leading blinds designs coupled with quiet motors. They enhance the comfort of your outdoor entertaining space.

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#2. Gazebo Outdoor Blinds

Design Patio Blinds offers bespoke Gazebo blinds that will spruce up your Gazebo to the ultimate entertainment space. The made-to-order blinds are designed and manufactured to protect your outdoor space from the elements such as weather elements and harsh UV rays. Additionally, they keep the area free of any insects. Design Australia Gazebo blinds are also cheaper than traditional structural wall supports.

Typically, homeowners will prefer the transparent PVC plastic blinds, which can let in ample sunlight while allowing you to enjoy the picturesque backyard and/or garden.

#3. Patio And Pergola Blinds

Adding blinds will do the trick for homeowners looking to transform the outdoor space around the patio or pergola. With a wide range of materials to choose from, including shadow weave, clear plastic, or canvas, you can choose blinds that suit your needs and match or complement your outdoor décor.

Additionally, there are numerous attachment designs such as zipper, automated, spring, crank, and tracking system to choose from. For a quicker, safer, and more convenient, you can select the motorized blinds.

#4. Balcony Deck And Veranda Blinds

Transforming your balcony and veranda into a personal retreat space that features the best indoor-outdoor living is as easy as installing quality blinds. At Design Brisbane, we have a wide range of veranda and balcony deck blinds that fit for purpose while bearing stunning designs. The blinds not only protect your veranda or balcony space from the elements, but they also enhance your experience as you enjoy the outdoor views.

#5. Outdoor Clear PVC Blinds

There are numerous cases where homeowners and business owners might want a clear view of the outside. For instance, café patrons wish to view outside, making transparent plastic PVC blinds that showcase the outdoors an essential part of the design. Design uses premium outdoor OVC blinds made of marine-grade plastics. Combing the high-quality material with futuristic technology in the blinds’ production ensures customers get weatherproofing, fade-resistant, and scratch-resistant blinds that will not suffer from decay, leaks, or wear.

#6. Café, Restaurant, And Bistro Blinds

Cafés, restaurants, and bistro owners choose Design’s café blinds owing to the increase in available floor capacity they offer while complementing the over design and décor of the space. They add a touch of grace and induce a relaxing mood perfect for entertaining customers interested in soaking fresh air or pet owners as they enjoy their food and or beverages. Design Outdoor Blinds offers clear PVC plastic, weave fabric, and much more. You can also add a motorised folding system for enhanced flexibility and convenience.

#7. Shade Weave Track Guided Blinds

Are you looking to preserve your ability to enjoy the outside views whilst never compromising your privacy during the day or night? Are you looking to keep nosy neighbours from taking a look inside your home while having the ability to enjoy the views from the outdoors? Shade weave blinds are the perfect solution for you!

They block out the sun and provide soothing shade. Additionally, the blinds come with a gliding track system and a spring-loaded mechanism that allows you to roll the blinds quickly and hold them open at the precise position you want. As such, they are the right choice for shading your Gazebo, pergola, patio, or even alfresco. Do not settle for boring blinds – transform your space with Design Australia Blinds today!

#8. Urban Track

These blinds come with guided tracks at either side with a spring-loaded mechanism that allows you to roll the blinds and up and down with ease. Moreover, they also have a locking system that allows users to lock the blinds in any vertical position.

You can buy these blinds in a wide variety of materials, including, shade weave fabrics, marine-grade PVC from Japan, tinted, etc. Depending on the material you choose, the blinds can safeguard your indoor space from insects, wind, rain, and UV rays. And with the assistance of a detachable post kit, you can create a window to the outside, for instance, your kitchen garden.

At Design Australia, we use high-frequency welding when making PVC joints for stronger blinds with exceptional longevity.

Produce Electricity from Solar

To produce the maximum amount of electricity from your home’s solar power system you will need the maximum amount of sun on your roof’s panels. That’s why a north facing unshaded roof is ideal because it will receive as much sun as possible throughout the day.

Of course, if your roof isn’t totally north facing we can still utilise east and west facing roof surfaces. Our solar consultant will discuss when you use the most power in your home and will try to match your solar production with your energy consumption for the most efficient solution. For example, an east facing solar system will generate more power before lunch and a west facing system captures the afternoon sun.

You’ll also need about 10 square metres of roof area for a small 1.5kW system, which provides about a third of an average home’s energy needs. Similarly, a 3.5kW and 5kW system would require approximately 24m² and 34m² of roof space respectively.